Change MAC Address on MikroTik

If you want to change your MikroTik interface MAC Address, you must do with in terminal. Because in Winbox, “Change MAC” feature are unavailable

This feature also known as “MAC Cloning”

You can change it with this command :

/interface ethernet set ether1 mac-address=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

Where :

  • ether1 = you must change the interface do you want to change the MAC Address. But please note that you CANNOT change the VLAN MAC Address. For SFP port, i don’t know. But it should possible for change the MAC Address
  • XX:XX = you must fill with new MAC Address

If you want revert to original MAC Address, simply click the interface where MAC Address was changed by yourself in previous step. In your Winbox, then click Reset MAC Address (See picture below) :

That’s it. Hope you enjoy my article ^_^

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