How to Delete a WordPress Theme

If you switched to new theme, you may want to delete that old one. Or, you want to remove preinstalled WordPress theme (assuming that you don’t use preinstalled theme).

Why Delete a WP Theme?

  1. It can be a “trash” for your storage
  2. Some themes have a vulnerability
  3. You will get an update, even you don’t using at all

In this article, i will show how to delete a WP theme. Of course, this method is totally safe, because you don’t need to access “file manager” or “database”, just from wp-admin

1. First, go to Appearance » Themes page and click “Theme Details” on the theme that you want to delete.


2. Click “Delete Theme”. Your browser will prompt for confirm. Then, click OK

That’s it. Now, your unused theme is deleted permanently.

Hope you enjoy my article ^_^

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